Roles of the Members of the Wedding Party

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Jun 01 2014

Roles of the Members of the Wedding Party

Members of a wedding party have distinct roles in a Catholic wedding ceremony.  Below are some of the common functions that they perform.

1. Best Man and Maid of Honor

Best Man and Maid of Honor are the very special persons in the couple’s life and their roles are twofold.
a. First they act as witnesses to the couple’s vow of love and commitment to each other.
b. They are there to encourage and support the couple in their devotion to the faith.
Due the honor and trust and responsibility placed on them, some churches usually required that they be practicing Catholic.

2. The Ushers

The ushers will greet the guests and seat the guests. They also hand out out the programs.  A general rule of thumb is for the assignment of one usher for every fifty guests.

3. Children In The Wedding Party

Many weddings include children as  flower girls or ring bearers. It is very important that they are old enough to appreciate and understand the importance of the event.  Children who are really young tend to be sometime overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the situation.  Therefore, it is important to plan properly when children will be added to the wedding party.  They must also be capable of walking the full length of the aisle.





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